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This website is a joint operation by the World Water Council and the Global Water Partnership.


With this site, our aim is to:
1. Inform those interested in the findings and recommendations of the "World Panel on Financing Water Infrastructure" about follow-up activities;
2. Provide all types of stakeholders with information on a wide range of financial instruments and mechanisms, along with related case studies.

Serving as an information platform, this site is intended for organisations that initiate or implement actions in the domain of financing water in order to promote their activities and derive inspiration from other good practices.


Call for participation in our information gathering action
In order to develop our database of actions related to financing the water sector, we invite local/national authorities and all organisations to submit relevant actions.

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Solidarity Financing Mechanisms

pS-Eau released its final report on its study of the impact of solidarity financing mechanisms for access to water and sanitation.
 Download here the report "Financing Access to Water and Sanitation for All - The Place of Solidarity Financing Mechanisms"



Experts' Meeting on "Access to Drinking Water and Sanitation in Africa"

The OECD Development Centre and the African Development Bank organised a 1-day experts' meeting on December 1, 2006 in Paris.The afternoon was dedicated to "Financing drinking water and sanitation: issues and actors".

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Market Finance for Water Utilities

The Practionner's Workshop held in Pretoria on August 7-9 focused on mobilizing market resources from the domestic financial markets for water utilities in Africa.

All the workshop material is available on WSP website.



The UN Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation issued a Compendium of Actions(COA), which has been distributed during the Forum. The COA “Your Action, Our Action” is the Board’s action plan for achieving breakthroughs in vital areas of water management, water supply and sanitation. Six themes have been selected for this Compendium of Actions, namely, Financing, Water Operators Partnerships, Sanitation, Monitoring, Integrated Water Resources Management, and Water and Disaster.

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The Task Force on Financing Water for All (or Gurria Task Force) presented its first report during the Fourth World Water Forum In Mexico on March 17th, on the occasion of its session FT1.26 Access to finance for Local Governments - Financing Water for Agriculture.

The Task Force has been formed at the end of 2005 as a follow-up of the Camdessus Panel to ensure that the financing issues related to water and sanitation receive the continuous attention they deserve.

Under the chairmanship of Angel Gurria, former Mexican Minister of Finance and new Secretary General of the OECD, the Task Force members focused on local authorities' access to finance and water for agriculture.

This report is a first step for the Task Force, that will continue its work after the Forum.

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A multi-criteria search is now available to search for innovative financing experiences in the water sector under the heading "Action Cases"