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Financing Water Infrastructure








According to the Camdessus Panel, financial flows to the water and sanitation sector need to at least double if Millennium Development Target 10 are to be achieved. However, doubling the volume of finance would make no sense unless there is a global reform of the water sector allowing to make better use of funds.

The Action Cases Search function enables you to find detailed descriptions about what has been implemented in response to the Camdessus Panel recommendations. The selected action cases illustrate recent water sector reforms and innovative financing experiences.



There are two options available to search for action cases:

  • A multicriteria search, using the following criteria: the location (region), the stakeholders involved, keywords;
  • A search according to the recommendations made by the Camdessus Panel



Please note that the database is a recent tool and is in constant evolution. More and more cases will be recorded.






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Feel free to submit your action on innovative financing mechanisms in the water sector. If suitable, your action will be included in the database.


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