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Recommendations of the Panel


The Camdessus Panel has come to the general conclusion that the dream of safe water for all is within the reach of humanity.


The problem needs tackling at the global level, and can only be solved if all the various parties accept to change their approach.


According to the Panel, financial flows need to at least double if humanity wants to achieve its aims for health, universal primary education, and halve absolute poverty by 2015.


In an effort to explore what has to be done within the limit of available resources, the Panel came to a set of 87 recommendations dealing with the following topics:

 Please note that one proposal could deal with several topics and could figure in different sections.

You can also download the full list of recommendations by cliking here.




The report


Executive summary:

English (62 KB)

Japanese (1856 KB)

Full report

English (236 KB) "Financing Water for All"

Version française (514 KB) "Financer l'eau pour tous"

Hard copy

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