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Official Development Assistance to the Water Sector



Allocation of ODA for water









Breakdown by sub-sectors


Nearly half of the ODA committed to the water sector in 2003-2004 benefited to large water supply and sanitation systems. Water resources policy/administrative management accounted for another quarter, and basic drinking water supply and basic sanitation received 20%. Waste management or water resources protection, only received small amounts.


According to the 2006 Human Development Report, this predominance of large-scale water and sanitation infrastructure indicates a strong urban focus of aid flows to the water sector.

Breakdown of ODA for water by sub-sectors- Period 2003-2004



Breakdown by regions


The allocation of ODA for water in the last decade remained relatively stable with Africa and Asia receiving most of the funds.

Breakdown of ODA commitments for water per continent (five-year moving average in 2004 constant dollars)


Within these regions, East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa are unquestionably those receiving most of ODA for water, followed by Central and Southern Asia and North Africa. ODA for water to the Middle Eastern countries has also increased a lot since 1990. The vast increase between 2003 and 2004 is largely due to the commitments made to Iraq by the United States in 2004 (887 million of constant USD, 2004 prices).